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CRI custom designs your acoustic solution helping you balance the desired acoustic performance, aesthetic qualities and your budget. CRI's decorative fabric wrapped acoustic panels provide high-performance noise and reverberation reduction.​

We solve noise and reverberation issues to improve speech intelligibility, communications, ambiance and listening comfort for:​

  • school gymnasiums

  • worship sanctuaries 

  • open offices

  • multipurpose recreation rooms

  • movie theaters

  • ​commercial music production studios

  • professional podcast studios

  • euro rack enthusiasts

  • acoustically tuned listening rooms

Acoustic Testing

CRI manufacturers custom designed fabric wrapped ceiling and wall panels at our headquarters facility in Tempe, Arizona. We will help you create a space that is both visually and acoustically pleasing. Some features that CRI offers are:

Some features that CRI offers are:

  • High Performance

  • Architecturally Decorative

  • Custom Engineered & Manufactured

  • Reduced Noise & Reverberation

  • Class A Fire Rated Fabrics

  • 100% Custom Colors and Sizes

Acoustic Panels


  • Acoustical Ceiling Tile (ACT)

    • Edge: Tegular

  • Baffles

    • Edge: Square

    • Mounting: Baffle Clip, Cable and Anchor

  • Clouds

    • Rotofast Cloud Clip


  • Edge: Bevel or Square

    • Mounting: Circle Clip or Rotofast Clip

  • Custom Prints​

    • ​Provide us your high resolution image

    • Custom Framing Available Upon Request


  • All Guilford of Maine Acoustically Transparent Fabric Patterns.

  • Custom Ordering

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