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Acoustic & Architectural Enhancement for Chapel

St. Joseph Catholic Church


Client Partner
Diocese of Phoenix
Installed Product
Project Description

Natural reverb time of this sanctuary are balanced and controlled, allowing the spoken word to come through clearly to all congregation members. CRI had the incredible opportunity to be involved during construction of this beautiful church. We worked hand in hand with the Architects to tailor the sound of the space to best suit the church’s goals and worship style. The final result is a sanctuary that has excellent speech intelligibility while still having the liveliness to deliver exceptional musical pieces. Involving CRI early in the project and implementing recommendations improves results and saves time.


"Thank you for the great installation on those Acoustical Ceiling Panels for the St Joseph Catholic Church project! They look amazing and everyone loves them! 

Thank you for jumping in on this project so quickly and able to accommodate us in a short time frame. We appreciate your efforts on this very much, and really love how they turned out! Thank you! 😊"

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