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Acoustical Shelving and Space Divider

Divider Hive


HIVE is a combination cubby storage system and acoustical sound dampener module that can be attached to the wall or assembled as a freestanding space divider. HIVE comes in 2 different hexagon modules (27”x31” and 13”x15”) that are 11” deep.

Both large and small sizes fit together to form an endless pattern configuration of natural geometrical shapes. The cubby can support up to 10 lbs of load and has an average NRC value of 0.8 because of the hollow cavities formed by the PET felt structure. The wall hanging and free standing versions easily assembled.

HIVE also has an option for an integrated Bluetooth speaker that nests into the small size hexagon module.

Product Specifications & Installation Instructions
available colors
PET Felt 9mm or 12 mm
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